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parliament. Muhyiddin later won support from m??ajor opposition including the Barisan Nasional led by the?? United Malays Nav


tional Organization (UMNO) and became a ??leading candidate as prime minister. In a statement on Sa??turday, the national paT


lace said that Sultan Abdullah fel??t Muhyiddin might command majority in the lower house of ??parliament, hence agreeing to5


appoint him as prime minist??er in accordance with the constitution. However, Mahathir??, who again became PH's candidate fy


or prime minister earl??ier Saturday, unveiled a list of some 115 members of parl??iament (MP) whom he said support him to bx


e prime minister??, hence that he command the majority in the 222-seat lowe??r house of the parliament. In a press conferencC


e on Sunda??y, Mahathir called for an early parliament sitting so tha??t the MPv

s could demonstrate if Muhyiddin command the majo??rity. According to Malaysia's constitution, the King shal??l appoint a prime minister who in his judgement is likely?? to command the confidence of the majority of the members?? of the hoX


use. The constitution also stipulates that if t??he prime minister ceases to command the majority, the pri??me minister shall0

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tender the resignation of the cabinet u??nless at his request the King dissolves the parliament.Heartening news from the wo6

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rld's first front line against the alien microscopic foe: Wuhan rep??orted zero increase in both confirmed and suspected casA

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es of the novel coronavirus disease (C??OVID-19) on Wednesday, thanks to strict measures, mass mobilization and dedication oC

f million??s of Wuhan residents. WUHAN, March 19 -- No new infections of the novel coronavirus weI

re repo??rted on Wednesday in Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, marking a notable first in thm

e cit??y's months-long battle with the virus and sending a message of hope to a world grappling w5

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